Vintage Canon camera collection

Last modified: Jan 2, 2016. Find me on YouTube as the CanonFilmGuy or on Twitter @canonfd.

I like to think that I specialize in late 1960s to early 1980s film rangefinder and SLRs from Canon. I also do rudimentary repair and cleaning, and I collect catalogs, manuals and magazines associated with these cameras as well. This is a list of vintage Canon cameras I own. All are functional.

I also own a couple of non-Canon cameras:

The cover of Shiyashin Kougyou from July 1981



Other collectors

I'm not the only one who collects Canon cameras, though there are only a few who write extensively online.

  • Jean-Luc Cavey is by far the most prolific.
  • Karen Nakamura has a few Canons, among others.
  • Sylvain Halgand maintains probably the largest French (and partly English-translated) repository of information on vintage cameras and lenses. There's a tidy Canon section.
  • Baytan has a nice collection of Canon FD manuals.
  • Stephen Gandy is extremely knowledgeable with classic cameras, though he chiefly owns, repairs and writes about Nikons.
  • Two German collectors include Detlef Prüfert and Christoph Michel whose collection of F-1 and New F-1s are particularly impressive.
  • Mr. Martin collects all sorts of cameras, including Canons.